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N1. PHO GA DI BO (Free Range Chicken)

House special steamed bone-in chicken noodle soup with ginger fish sauce

N2. COM GA DI BO HAI NAM (Free Range Chicken)

Our delicious steamed bone-in chicken with house special rice, served with ginger fish sauce


Special hue styled spicy lemongrass beef soup. Vermicelli rice noodles in delicious hot & spicy broth with flank, shank, tendon and hue styled ham. Served with a side of fresh shredded cabbage, lettuce & mint herbs


Seafood fried rice with pineapple & coconut






Char-grilled spicy lemongrass chicken


Thai styled Tom Yum sour & spicy rice noodle soup with seafood


Thai styled Tom Yum sour & spicy rice noodle soup with chicken breast


Sm $8.25

Lg $9.25

Sm $7.55

Lg $8.55


Slow simmered beef/chicken bone-broth, rice noodle, choice of topping, served with side of fresh bean sprouts, Thai basil, lime, and jalapeño chilies

From chicken wings to spring rolls, we have some of tastiest Vietnamese appetizers around.

Our rice dishes are served with long grain Jasmin rice, lettuce, cucumbers and carrots

Served on French Sandwiches with pickled carrots, cucumber, onion, cilantro & green chili.

All salad entrees come with over a mixed bed of shredded salad, pickled carrots, cucumbers, onions, chili and mint leaves

We have several vegetarian dishes that are both healthy & delicious!
Try one of our salads, or stir-fry's.

Served with vermicelli rice noodles and fresh cucumbers,carrots, bean sprouts, cilantro, green onions and peanuts

Fresh rice noodles and egg noodle stir-fried come with assorted vegetables and your choice of toppings

If you are having a special event then our party trays are the perfect addition.  Pick your favorites and enjoy

Enjoy some of our traditional Vietnamese dessert dishes

From exotic beers to local beers and wines you can pair with any of our meals

From Boba to teas to beer and wine, we offer a wide range of drinks to pair with any of our delicious dishes

  A National Dish Of Vietnam

Vietnam is a small country in Southeast Asia. In comparison to the United States, Vietnam is smaller than the State of California. Though small, it is a country which was established thousands of years ago.

The country has three various regions: the North, the Central and the South and they differ in climate, terrain and natural resources. These differences determine the kind of food available and the cooking style of each region.

The speciality of South Vietnam (Saigon) is HU TIEU. It is a rice noodle soup cooked with pork or chicken and served with rau bean sprouts.

In Central Vietnam (Hue), the speciality is BUN BO HUE, it is a spicy beef soup with rice noodles.

In Northern Vietnam (Hanoi), the speciality is PHO, it is a healthy rice noodle soup cooked with beef. Pho is a national dish of Vietnam.

There are 19 varieties of beef noodle soup depending on how you like to order. The main ingredients of PHO consist of: the broth made from beef bones, beef, rice noodles and a variety of different spices such as ginger, star arise, parsley, green and white onions, chopped or shredded. PHO is usually served with a side dish of fresh bean sprouts, special basil leaves, lime and sliced chili peppers.

PHO can be consumed at anytime of the day. It is believed by the Vietnamese to be a very healthy dish. It is used to cure ailments such as the common cold or fever. Treating illness with food is a common practice in Vietnam.

Traditionally, a cup of freshly brewed coffee with sweetened condensed milk, either hot or with ice is served after a bowl of hot bowl of PHO. PHO is considered the most popular dish of Vietnam.


Their #1 Pho, is sublime! Deep flavor broth, with high quality ingredients layered on top of delicious noodles. Lots of meat! Very well balanced bowl of goodness!!

Gary L

Wow! Awesome pho better then anywhere else. Huge portion. Dynamite service! Cheap beers, quick service, awesome food. What more could one ask for?!

Cassidy C

The bread is the BEST. Crazy good prices for delicious food. I love the atmosphere while dining in and the service is super quick when ordering to go! There are a lot of photos places closer to home but it's worth the trip for my favorite sandwich!

Audrey R

When I'm at work and have an urge for a bowl of pho with quick service this is the place to go. I place my order and it's out in minutes. They have pretty good pho too. I don't eat too many pho places cause I'm a little favorable to my mom and grandmas recipes but this place will be my go to when I'm in Point Loma and want some pho.

Vince P

Yummy!!!!! My mom and I got out of church, and we're hungry. Because the day was cool, and cloudy, we decided to eat something warm. Parking in front of the restaurant, is compact, and small. But because there is a Michael's adjacent to the restaurant, there is plenty of parking available over there. The staff was so friendly and welcoming. We ordered the seafood pho, and it was very good. Broth was seasoned just right. Not salty at all. And the serving size was perfect. Everything tasted fresh. No complaints. I would definitely go back, and I definitely recommend this place.


Been eating here 3 years and this is by far the best pho in the area right now. And so fast it's almost impossible. I literally just watched a couple sit down, immediately had their order taken, had their drinks in less than 60 seconds and their food in 95 seconds. Amazing speed, quality and price

Brant L.

The pan fried egg noodles where super... excellent execution. Simple yet well done.
The service was fast, efficient and friendly.
The price was just right .
Super happy with this place.

Kilgore T.


Our establishment is privately owned and stands as the first Vietnamese Restaurant in Point Loma, San Diego CA.  If youve supported us, we thank you and we wish for you to continue your patronage.  If youre new in the city of San Diego or have yet to have a try, we invite you to join us in finding your taste of delight.

Pho Point Loma & Grills guarantees satisfaction for a wide of eaters, from vegans, to noodles soup and meat lovers.  At our restaurant everyone has their favorite dish and we have many more to choose from.. Stop by today and make Pho Point Loma & Grill your favorite Vietnamese Restaurant in San Diego.



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